Medieval Life in 1/6 scale

Custom made medieval figures 1/6th scale by Bernd Müller for museums and collectors

On this page i will show you some of my work in 1/6 scale ( 30 cm , 12´´) 


 I try to show you some other sides in medieval life and some knights with a historical correct clothing, equipment and real chainmail.




Each figure is unique, all parts are handmade and they are presented with their historical background.


Enjoy your stay.







If you need something you ever wanted ( komplete figures, clothing or equipment) ask for it- I WILL BUILD IT FOR YOU ! Worldwide shipping.








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Knight 1/6 chainmail
German Knight 1300

The Knights

Templar Knight
Lazarus Knight
German Knight 1/6
Pilgrim 1/6
Talhoffer 1/6
Doctor Beak 1/6
Black Knight 1/6
Shield 1/6