German Knight with real chainmail in 1/6 scale

Deutscher Ritter mit echtem Kettenhemd im Maßstab 1/6

The original shield from about 1300
The original shield from about 1300

As there where no german knights from the beginning of the 14th century on the market, i startet to build my own. In a book i saw the original of a german knights shield in the so called manesse size, from the Family of Welfenberg. It was described as gold with a black or very dark blue insignia. So i startet to build the shield- and then the figure. He wears a gambesson, chainmail, leather jerkin and a jellow over shirt. Shoes, leg protection, gloves and sword are from the timeline series. Helmet ( bascinet), belt, chainmail, shirt and shield are made by my own.

The Knights

Templar Knight
Lazarus Knight
German Knight 1/6
Pilgrim 1/6
Talhoffer 1/6
Doctor Beak 1/6
Black Knight 1/6
Shield 1/6